I didn't even look to see when my last entry was (I'm scared it's been 6 months??!!)...but I decided I should try to quickly update what we've been up to these days.  I'm camera-less (again), as my camera bit the dust several months ago and I haven't made it to the store to replace it (since I started this post I've sent my camera off for replacement...should be getting it back soon!).  So, not many words here.  Just pictures from my phone will have to do.  I want MQ to be able to have some kind of baby book, so here it is...

We've been cheering for the Cards...and mommy and daddy went to NOLA for the Final Four!

We've snuggled on mommy's days off!

We went to Derby with our sweet friends, Sara and Ryan.

On Oaks day we welcomed our new cousin, Miles Heath Haney :)

We went to the beach with all of our cousins and with Tassie and DPrice!

I helped daddy work in the yard this past summer.

We welcomed another cousin in June (that makes a total of 6 cousins)!!

We sold our first house.  It was a sad, sad day...but we are excited for our next adventure.

We didn't have a new house to move into right away, so we've been living with GG and Pops...not a bad gig (especially during the summertime with the pool and big yard!!!)

This is our "apartment"...it's kinda in the attic.  We've become a really, really close-knit little family while living in this space :)  Not fun to try to keep clean!

We celebrated DPrice's birthday...these were the centerpieces.

Mommy and daddy took a little weekend get-away.

We enjoyed watching the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Tassie and DPrice went on lots of vacations (which means mommy worked a lot of weeks by herself in the office!).

We wake up every morning to have oatmeal and juice with GG and Pops!!

To Be Continued....


Happy 60th to Linda and Greg (aka "GG" and "Pops" or "Wonder Woman" and "Super Man")!!

This is a belated post, but I thought I'd better put it in here now before I forget!  We had a blast several weeks ago celebrating Eric's parent's birthdays with a surprise party!  Let's just say....we REALLY surprised them!!!  Greg showed up in his flannel shirt (that Linda probably wouldn't have let him wear had she known that 40 people were waiting for them at the Hebert's house to celebrate their birthdays!).  It was classic!!!  Here are a few pics from the fun night!!...

That's it for this post...I'm embarrassed to say that this party was thrown for them on January 27th!  Better late than never, and now MQ will be able to look back and see what we did to celebrate her GG and Pops' birthdays!  Oh, and if you're wondering what those little stir-sticks are in the glasses...they are pictures of Linda and Greg at a Halloween party in the early 80's dressed up as WonderWoman and Superman.  If you know Linda, you'd understand why this is appropriate...she is (and was) always told she looks like Linda Carter (Wonder Woman).  I bet they didn't think this picture would resurface after all these years!!!...sorry, guys!


My Little Mommy...

We just wrapped up a day of hanging out with a few friends.  MQ and I had a play date with our buddies Milly and Clarabelle earlier today, and MQ just thought she was "big stuff" around those girls (even though she's only 8 months older!).  I didn't snap any pictures because Sara and I were too busy talking and watching babies at the same time.  I need to get some pictures of these girls together...they are too cute!  I can't wait to watch them grow up together.

We then headed home so that we could watch baby Alex (8 weeks) while his mommy and daddy enjoyed a date night at the UofL game.  Mary Quin was hilarious.  She wasn't quite keen of her momma holding another baby...and some tears were shed when I wouldn't pick her up because I was holding Alex.  I got out one of her baby dolls so she could "copy" what I was doing with Alex.  It worked.  She loved watching every move I made with Alex, and she copied it with her little baby doll.  When I bounced Alex, she bounced her baby.  When I put Alex on the play mat, she laid her baby doll down right next to Alex.  When I talked to Alex, she would talk to her doll.  When I put Alex in the bouncy seat, she put her baby doll in the other bouncy seat.  When I kissed Alex's head, she'd kiss her baby doll's head. Precious!  I think it's time for a baby brother or sister for MQ!!!

Mere and I took Lily shopping last night so that she could spend her birthday money (from December).  She was sweet enough to let little sis, Nora, tag along.  What a fun night with those girls!  We first hit up Hobby Lobby to stock up on some art supplies, then to Panera for a gourmet mac-n-cheese dinner, and we finished up at Old Navy where Lils found some CUTE clothes!  We had so much fun throwing clothes all over that dressing room!...and Lily has better fashion taste than any 7 year old I've ever met!

These next few pictures were taken the other day.  It's been gorgeous outside these days, so we're trying to take full advantage of the sunshine!

Don't you just love those sweet, strawberry-blonde curls?!  I have to admit something...when I met Eric, I thought to myself, "Maybe our kids would have curly hair since he has wavy hair and so do I".  Well, here we are married with a child, and God sure did give us a little girl with curls, and we're so very thankful for it!  You wouldn't believe how many people ask me if I "curl", "perm", "sponge roll" her hair!  She's 1 people!!!....not sure how many 1 year olds have their hair sponge rolled...hopefully not many!   Sorry, had to get that out there!

Until next time...


Hold Your Breath...It's a Lot!!

I'll try to keep this post to mostly pictures, and not too many words.  We've been busy around here these days.  Living the life of a working mom and wife is not an easy day-to-day process, but I'm loving every minute of it.  I feel blessed every day to have the life I have and to have the flexibility with my job to put my husband and my baby first.

We had a great Christmas!  It was so much fun this year with Queezy knowing a little bit about what was going on.  We talked about Jesus' birthday and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus a few times that week, and she was really interested in "Ho Ho"...until she saw him in "real life" up close and personal!...

Ho Ho brought her two gifts this year...yes, that's right, just two gifts.  He brought her a play kitchen and an Aquadoodle coloring pad.  Santa knew that momma and daddy are trying to sell their house, so he kept the gifts to a minimum this year so that the house wasn't overloaded with toys!  The gifts that Tass, D Price, GG, and Pops gave her stayed at their respective houses so that she can play with them when she's over there...great idea!

Mom, Mere, and I took a last second road trip to Nashville a few weekends ago to do some after Christmas shopping....and to just get away for some girl time.  We were sad that Cara couldn't join us, but I imagine it'd be pretty tough to drop everything and drive to Nashville leaving four kids (and one on the way!) behind last-minute.  We'll plan better next time so everyone can go!  We laughed our heads off and found some great sales!

These two (mom and Mere) could shop for days and never get sick of it.  They were in heaven at this first stop...some store FULL of lotions, makeup, perfume...stuff I don't really get excited about.  My mom's the type to try on 12 different fragrances in 12 different areas of both wrists, then not know which one she likes best...wonder why?  She'd say, "they all smell the same"....well, mom, probably because you sprayed all 12 of them on your wrist in different spots.

We also made it to Franklin with the intention to do some antique shopping, but we ended up mostly staying on Main Street to hit up all the cute little stores.

Lulu's is one of our favorites...mostly for bedding.  Mom and I both bought some new bedding (don't ask me why I bought new bedding...my sister made me).  The lady that owns this place is so sweet and has great taste!

This little girl and I have had some play dates at the park lately since the weather here has been uncharacteristically warm.  She loves the park...and loves to find other kids to play with (I guess mommy's not good enough).  This girl is one social butterfly!  

This was the scene when it was time to leave the park...not a pretty one.  She was kicking and screaming as I was trying to fasten her into her seat.  I used to always see moms struggle with their kids like this, but never thought it'd be me that had a child that would behave like that.  Man, was I wrong!!!  I've quickly realized that all toddlers have their tantrums.

(I just realized in this picture that her car seat wasn't buckled all the way...don't call child protective services on me, pleeease!)

MQ has had her fair share in her time out chair (that rhymes!).  I know, I know...I'm that mean mom that takes a picture of their screaming baby while I'm trying to discipline her, but it is sometimes so funny to watch her react to time out.  It's so hard to keep a straight face, or to keep from picking her up and kissing that pitiful face.  Not sure what she did this time, but it called for a time out...

(In case you're wondering if those are the only shoes we own, they're not.  She's just obsessed with them.  We call them her "sparkle shoes" and they're her favorite!  So when it's 8:00 am and I have a patient at 8:30 and I'm still at home trying to get her dressed and out the door to daycare, I don't have time to wrestle her to get her shoes on.  Therefore, we stick with the "sparkle shoes" a lot!  Yes, she's already picking out her own clothes...trouble!)

Okay, I have a little bit more to catch up on, but I'll have to do that tomorrow.  This momma's going to bed!  Until tomorrow...